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So many cosplays, so little time (and money).

A Guide to Choosing a Cosplay

(this will be in steps, and I’ve made this for beginners and those still new to cosplaying, so all you experts and perfect children and rich hooligans can just ignore this)

  1. Write down a list of all the characters you want to do. Set a timer on your phone or on the microwave or wherever you can for 2 minutes. If you didn’t get it down in that amount of time, it isn’t a contender this go around. This helps cut out those side characters who you don’t want to cosplay as much as the ones who made the list, whether you knew it or not.
  2. Set your budget. The amount of money you are willing to spend on a cosplay BEFORE the fabrication is critical to its completion. Set a number and stick to it, and don’t change it. If you increase, it can lead to some major issues.
  3. Determine your time frame. You want to figure out the amount of time you have in between day you get your supplies up to exactly 5 days before the time you want to wear it. This gives you a good amount of time to do some tweaking and last minute detailing to ensure confidence in your finished product.
  4. ELIMINATION TIME. Cross out those costumes that won’t fit both the budget AND time requirements simultaneously. Be reasonable and realistic in doing this. Yes it’s going to hurt. Yes it will be disappointing. But what’s worse, going and looking great in a cosplay you wanted to save, or going in a shitty incomplete one that you were dying to do?
  5. Finalization. At this point, if you have more then one character then either pick the one you’d want to do most, or if you still need help, pick one completely randomly.Put the names into a hat and choose blindly, or something along those lines. NO CHEATING.You picked it for a reason, so stick to it.

My final piece of advice is simply to not stop working on one project and start up on another. This can really dig you into a hole both money- and time-wise.

Hope this helps ^_^

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